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Russ Gordon
CEO of Dragon Scale Roofing & Solar
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Preferred Contructor
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Preferred Contructor
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3 Stars

Can you share your journey and experience within the roofing industry?

Over 10 years in construction and roofing. Worked as a carpenter for several years, then as a sales rep, worked up through to a regional manager position. Began consulting for roofing companies in the southeast and branched out to open my own company 2 years ago to use all of the hard-learned lessons from previous roofing experience and do my best each day to overcome each hurdle to build a legacy of integrity for our entire industry.

Specialized Skills

Do you have any unique or specialized skills/traits that contribute to the company and the projects you work on?

Very broad network of like-minded peers who are interested in improving our industry and providing better experiences within our companies, relationships with our suppliers, manufacturers, and installers, improve our perception and relationships with agents and adjusters, and ultimately create a better experience and relationship with our customers and communities.

Client Satisfaction

Can you share an example of how the company prioritizes client satisfaction, and how you contribute to that goal in your role?

Anything less than a glowing review from a customer is unacceptable for us. If there is a concern, we are all-hands on deck doing everything we can possibly do to address the issue head-on, to ensure that there are no issues or questions when the job is done.

Job Well Done

How would you define a 'job well done' when completing a project?

There is never a better day than when a customer calls me directly to thank me for the outstanding service we have provided to them, or when an insurance claim handler calls us with appreciation for how transparent and thorough, we are in the name of making their job simpler. Each one of 5-star reviews is genuine, and reading the positive feedback from their perspective makes the day-to-day worth every second.

Roof Expert

If you had to summarize what makes you an EXPERT in the roofing industry, in 3 sentences or less, what would you say?

There is never a point at which we will be satisfied and complacent. We will always be striving for better, always expanding our horizons to learn new things, never satisfied with "good enough". Constant desire and willingness to grow, learn, and adjust based on those things. I feel that sets us apart; we are not willing to accept the minimum. We all show up every day trying to be better than ourselves the day, week, month, year before.

Satisfied Customer

Can you provide an example of a project you've been a part of that ended with a very satisfied customer?

Picking one example is difficult, but if I had to pick one it would be a customer that had a very negative experience with another company prior to our involvement in their project. They had a very distrustful and sour taste in their mouth regarding our industry and were nervous throughout the entire process until the very last day. Once the roof was complete, the homeowner requested that the owner go out to his house to meet him specifically; this is usually not something "positive" to hear and is cause for concern. But when I showed up, he shook my hand and told me I delivered on every promise we made him and even went above and beyond our guarantees to ensure he was happy at the end of the project; all of his concerns fell away. To watch a customer transition from terrified to sign a piece of paper after being taken advantage of by someone else, to asking us to give his personal contact information to any future customer who wanted to speak to a previous customer regarding their experience with us, was an amazing feat and one that I do not take lightly. It means we are improving the integrity of this industry, one customer at a time.


How do you collaborate with your team members to ensure a successful roofing project?

We encourage very transparent communication across the board between everyone who touches a project. We track every conversation, every phone call, every text, to make sure that the next person who takes over the process is fully aware of each intricate detail. Because we are installing roofs over some of our customers' largest investments, we take that extremely seriously and do everything we can to document every specific detail to deliver the most comprehensive consideration to each customers' unique needs and project goals.


From your experience, what makes your company a reliable and trustworthy choice for clients in need of roofing services?

Simply put: we are never satisfied. Good enough, isn't. We do not settle or get complacent, we push past obstacles to ensure they are properly taken care of, we continue to educate ourselves on the newest innovations and requirements for our industry, and we remain invested in their project's success until well beyond the final day of installation. We provide follow up inspections, courtesy calls, comprehensive warranties, and remain accessible to them for years beyond the completion of their new roof.

Professional Development

How does the company help with your professional development and growth within the roofing industry?

We all hold each other accountable to achieve our personal and professional goals, while also encouraging each other to set larger goals next time around and providing the time and resources required to meet those goals. While yes, this is a company, we are in the business of people. Taking care of people outside of this business has to start with the people inside the business being cared for. That is one of the 10 core values we strive to maintain every day.

Inspired to Join

Can you share any specific reason that inspired you to join the team at the company?

I own the company, but I started the company to improve the roofing industry as well as to build an environment and lifestyle for everyone around me and anyone who wanted to join throughout our journey to be the best we can be, every single day.

We encourage giving as part of our shared values.

Effective immediately, DSR will match dollar for dollar and charitable donations made by any employees to any organization.


What Our Customers
Are Saying

“We are very pleased and our new roof is beautiful.”
Dragon Scale did a great job from beginning to end with my roof replacement. This can be a daunting process with questions and concerns, dealing with insurance, and having your home temporarily become a construction site. Everyone along the entire process was very professional and helpful, especially Rob, our sales person. We are very pleased and our new roof is beautiful.
Jeffrey Jessup
“The whole crew was very polite and knowledgeable.”
Just reaching out to Thank you for the Superb job done on my home's roof. Josiah went beyond my expectations in his Professionalism by keeping you posted with every detail. And answering any questions you may have. He helped us with our insurance. Was always patient. The whole crew was very polite and knowledgeable. And I would DEFINITELY Recommend 110+/100!
Barbara Stevens
“Installation of the new roof was quick and professional.”
From start to finish, working with Dragon Scale was a seamless experience. On the same day as the initial inspection, Phillip walked us through filing an insurance claim. From there, we received frequent communication by phone, text, and voicemail. Installation of the new roof was quick and professional. The crew arrived early and worked hard. We would absolutely recommend Dragon Scale.
Jessica Jackson

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