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Can You Put Solar Panels on a Metal Roof in Nashville?

Many believe that the height of solar panels’ popularity stems from their environmentally friendly qualities, which harness the sun as a renewable resource. However, solar energy also saves a considerable amount of money. For example, it lowers electricity grid dependence and invites incentives from the government and your utility provider. 

But can you put solar panels on a metal roof? And if so, what’s the process of a solar installation in Nashville, TN? Here’s what you need to know.

Are Nashville Metal Roofs and Solar Panels Compatible?

Not only can an expert installer implement solar panels onto a metal roof, but many would argue it’s the best roof type to install them on. Slate and wood are brittle to maneuver and make things more difficult, dangerous, and expensive. However, a metal roof’s surface streamlines the process. 

Asphalt has the shortest roof lifespan, needing a replacement every 15 to 30 years. That means you must hire someone to uninstall the panels, replace the roof, and reinstall the panels every three decades! Unsurprisingly, this process can run up repairs and replacement costs, but it’s avoidable with a metal roof that lasts up to 60 years in Nashville, TN.

A Standing Seam Roof vs. a Corrugated Metal Roof  

When experts install panels on metal roofs, the roof’s surface and texture also matter. A standing seam roof allows panels to sit flush on the surface, meaning installers can clamp the solar racking to the roof without penetrating the roofing material with screws. After placing the rack, they’ll fit the panels into the system, keeping the integrity of your roofing material and structure intact.

Corrugated metal roofs are aesthetically pleasing and add character, but can you put solar panels on a metal roof with ridges and grooves along the surface? Yes, installers can mount solar panels onto corrugated surfaces by implementing racks rather than securing them directly to the rooftop. However, corrugated roofs will require penetrating screws to bolt down the racks on the bumpy surface. 

Unfortunately, creating small holes around the rooftop creates air and water leaks if your hired experts don’t properly seal them. Deliberately damaging your house’s rooftop may also void your corrugated metal roof warranty. If so, mounted solar panels may not be the right choice for you. 

Your Nashville Home Is Your Castle—Trust the Dragon to Protect It!

Dragon Scale Roofing & Solar’s five-star contracting team conducts each job in Nashville, Tennessee, with ten core principles in mind. These goals include over-delivering, being passionate about the work, and never ceasing to learn and evolve.

So, can you put solar panels on a metal roof in Nashville, Tennessee? And how many solar panels can fit on your roof? Find out by contacting Dragon Scale Roofing & Solar today!

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