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Do Solar Panels Void a Roof Warranty in Nashville, TN?

Are you considering installing solar panels on your Nashville, TN, home? You're probably wondering, "Do solar panels void a roof warranty?" As the experts in storm damage roof repair in Nashville and all things solar panels, Dragon Scale Roofing & Solar offers the following advice about the impact of solar panels on a roof warranty.

What Your Roof Warranty Covers

To understand the interaction between solar panel installation and roofing warranty coverage, you first must understand what your roofing warranty covers. Usually, your coverage comes in two parts:

  • The installer's warranty covers problems that arise from poor installation or labor. If your roofing contractor didn't do a good job, they have to fix the problem at no cost to you.
  • The manufacturer's warranty addresses innate problems with the roofing material such as subpar manufacturing. Depending on the material, it should last between 25 and 50 years.

Your roof warranty only covers inherent issues with labor or materials, like manufacturing deficiencies. It doesn't cover storm damage or anything else, as that's what insurance is for. A warranty-related issue can arise months or even years after the initial installation.

Tangible Events Covered by Roof Warranties

The language around a roofing warranty can feel convoluted, so the following are tangible examples of what a warranty might cover:

  • Defective shingles that lead to granule loss, bald spots, cracking, splitting, or curling.
  • Any leak or damage caused by improper installation
  • Paint chipping or corrosion on metal roofs

What the Warranty Doesn't Cover

In general, a roof warranty won't cover the following issues:

  • Storm damage from high winds, lightning, hail, tornadoes, and hurricanes
  • Damage caused by fire, earthquakes, floods, or explosions
  • Damage caused by falling objects, such as tree branches
  • Any damage resulting from a shifting building structure, such as walls, foundation, or settlement
  • Construction damage from renovations, additions, or installing new equipment
  • Discoloration or other issues from growing organisms like fungus, moss, and algae
  • Issues arising from improperly handling the shingles, including misuse and abuse
  • Any problems that result from poor installation
  • Damage from ice and ice dams
  • Problems from foot traffic, vandalism, or animals like insects
  • In general, anything not caused by a manufacturing defect

What Voids the Warranty

Several things can void your roof warranty, and they most frequently occur when a roofing contractor makes a mistake. The most common causes of a voided roof warranty include the following:

  • Improper installation, such as using too few nails or inadequate flashing
  • Adding new features to your roof, such as a skylight, without using a manufacturer-approved contractor
  • Pressure washing an asphalt roof removes a large portion of the granules
  • Overheating caused by poor ventilation in the attic
  • Failing to maintain a commercial low-slope or flat roof

Because most of these issues arise from mistakes made by your roofing contractor, confirm your roofing company provides a good workmanship warranty.

Most Common Roof Types for Solar Panel Installation

The type of roof you have when you install solar panels could affect how easily the installation company could make a mistake, and thus void the warranty.


Solar panel installation and roof warranty are probably the most intertwined when it comes to clay or stone tiles. Because you can't drill the tiles without cracking them completely, the solar panel installers must hook the supports underneath the tiles, which many don't have the skill or experience to do correctly.

Composite Shingle

You won't find too many roof warranty implications with solar panels when you install them on a shingled roof, because shingles remain the most common type of roofing system. To install the solar panels, the contractor will pierce the shingles with screws, but they likely have the experience and knowledge to do it correctly.


Installing solar panels on a flat roof usually doesn't result in warranty issues. Rather than drilling into the roof's membrane, they install a tilted ballast or racking system. Any experienced solar contractor should do this with no problem.


You won't worry about roof warranty validity with solar panel installation on a metal roof, as many experts consider these roofs the most compatible with solar panels. Because they have seams between each panel, they can install the solar panels without drilling into the ceiling.

How to Avoid Solar Panels Voiding Your Warranty

Do solar panels void a roof warranty? It's a risk, but only with installers who don't have the experience or knowledge to install the panels without damaging your roof. To increase your chances of staying covered, keep in mind the following solar panel warranty considerations for roofs:

  • Since improper installation is the leading cause of a voided warranty, always do your research on your contractors before you commit to working with them.
  • If you have a tile roof, ask your installer for references of other homes they've worked on with tile roofs.
  • Always confirm you're using a manufacturer-approved solar panel installer.

Is Solar a Good Option for Tenessee Homes?

If you're worried about voiding your roofing warranty, you might consider forgoing solar altogether. However, Nashville, TN, is a great place for solar power, as it recently instituted a new green energy and solar power initiative. By installing solar panels on your roof, you can help your city and the surrounding areas meet its renewable energy goals, and you'll likely receive a tax incentive.

The primary benefit of solar power is that you can reduce what you pay for energy. Also, if you produce enough, you can even sell your excess energy back to the utility company. 

Dragon Scale Roofing & Solar Provides Reliable Solar Panel Installation

Now that you know the answer to "Do solar panels void a roof warranty," you know the importance of ensuring you get an experienced and knowledgeable contractor. If you're wondering how many solar panels can fit on your roof, Dragon Scale Roofing & Solar can help you install the best solar energy system for your home without damaging your roof and voiding your warranty. To schedule a free estimate, contact us today.

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