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How Long Do Solar Panels Last in Nashville, TN?

Solar panels are the wave of the future and provide a clean and reliable source of energy. However, many homeowners considering solar panels might wonder, “How long do solar panels last?” The question is important as it determines the kind of return one can expect when they purchase solar panels. 

With that in mind, the team at Dragon Scale Roofing & Solar aims to explain solar panel lifespans and how long they can last. 

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How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

Solar panels that run for a long time will save Nashville homeowners the most money. The good news is that solar panels have a long functional lifespan. Modern solar panels can last up to 25 years before their energy production starts to decline. 

Even then, panels will still continue producing energy. The slow degradation of solar panels means you will have plenty of time to find a replacement option. Even better, solar panels continue to get more advanced, so solar panels will only last longer and longer going into the future. 

Which Solar Panels Have the Longest Lifespans?

Consumer authorities split solar panels into roughly three tiers based on their manufacturing quality, standards, and manufacturer history. 

  • Tier 1 solar panels are the best and come from manufacturers that have been in the business for at least five years. These solar panels have higher outputs and longer lifespans but also cost more. 
  • Tier 2 solar panels offer greater affordability but usually degrade faster than tier 1 solar panels. 
  • Tier 3 panels have the lowest lifespans, are made from new or unproven manufacturers, and are usually the cheapest to buy. 

Studies from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory show the average degradation rate for solar panels measures about 0.50%, so any degradation rate lower than that generally equates to a good quality solar panel. A degradation rate of 0.50% over 25 years means the panels will still produce at least 89% of their full capacity. 

Maximize Solar Panel Lifespan

Below, we list some quick tips to maximize solar panel lifespan. 

Keep Panels Clean

Debris, such as dirt, pollen, and animal residue, can block panels and keep them from producing energy. It can also cause damage to individual panel cells. 

Get Regular Maintenance

Regular professional maintenance is the key to maximizing solar panel and inverter lifespan. Maintenance checks include cleaning and inspecting components. Maintenance also involves testing to ensure panel performance is optimal. 

Get a Performance Warranty

If possible, try to get a performance or production warranty from the panel manufacturer. Performance warranties guarantee a particular panel's efficiency, or they will replace the panels for free. 

Solar Panel Installation in Nashville, TN

Read this blog post to learn more about batteries for solar panels. For answers to more questions like “How long do solar panels last?” contact Dragon Scale Roofing & Solar online to book a free estimate for your Nashville home!

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