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How Long Does a Roof Inspection Take After a Storm in Nashville?

Tennessee is no stranger to inclement weather. Intense winds, heavy rain, and hail could wreak havoc on a roof. Thunderstorms that blow branches and debris onto your roof may cause unsightly loose shingles, but even worse are interior leaks and other damage. 

How long does a roof inspection take after a storm? Learn how long it could take to inspect your roof after severe weather in this guide by the experts in storm damage repairs in Nashville, Tennessee, at Dragon Scale Roofing & Solar.

How Long Do Nashville Roofing Contractors Take To Inspect Roof Storm Damage?

Nashville and its surrounding communities experience everything from flooding due to torrential rainfall to golfball-sized hail. Your home's roof should protect your household from the elements. Still, a roofing structure could sustain damage from serious weather conditions, requiring timely roof repairs. 

So, how long does a roof inspection take? 

When roof inspectors conduct a routine assessment unrelated to a storm, the process could take 30 minutes to two hours to complete. However, a roof inspection following a storm involves more steps and a more detailed evaluation. As a result, the timeline could be four hours or longer

A storm-related roof inspection includes many aspects to determine the condition of your roof and whether the storm is responsible for it. How long your roof inspection takes after a storm depends on several factors. 

Looking for Ground-Level Collateral Damage 

When you contact a qualified roofing company to inspect your property for storm-related damage, the roofers start with a ground-level visual inspection to check for collateral damage. 

In this situation, collateral damage refers to noticeable damage from hail, debris, and wind around your property. If other parts of your home have damage from the storm visible from the ground, the likelihood of your roof also having damage increases. Examples of collateral damage include:

  • Garage door dings
  • Downspout dents above five feet
  • Scratches or markings in painted wood shutters and other surfaces
  • Detached, cracked, or missing siding
  • Shingle granules under gutters and downspouts
  • Dents in your mailbox and other soft metal structures
  • Torn or holey window screens

Even if your home appears to have collateral damage from a storm, it doesn't mean your roof has major damage. It only means there's a strong chance that the roofing system has some damage. 

Climbing onto the Roof

The complexity of your roofing system will contribute to its inspection timeline. When roofing contractors have an easy time accessing all parts of a roof, they can complete the assessment quickly.

For example, a one-story house in Nashville will likely have a shorter storm inspection timeframe than a two-story house. Regardless of how far your roof is from the ground, certain parts of your roofing system may be harder to access than others. This can also increase the time it takes to inspect the roof.

You may have trees or shrubs close to the house that could get in the roofers' way. Patio furniture, exterior storage, and other obstructions could restrict where roofers can place their ladders to get onto the roof. Interior obstructions can also impede the inspection if the roofers need to access the attic. 

Examining Every Square Foot of the Roof

It's no secret that a larger home will take longer to inspect than a smaller one. During a typical roof inspection, roofing companies will evaluate several aspects of the roofing system, including the following:

  • Drip edge
  • Roof ventilation
  • Roofing layers
  • Fascia and soffit
  • Chimney
  • Flashing
  • Gutters and downspouts

During the inspection, the roofers will look for holes, damaged or missing roofing materials, dents, water damage, and leaks. There are many parts of a roofing system to check and multiple forms of damage. You can expect the roofing company to take several hours to inspect your roof if its square footage is substantial and you have several chimneys and skylights.

Assessing the Roofing Type and Material

Not all Nashville roofing systems are the same. Some roof styles and roofing materials take longer to assess for storm damage than others. For example, valley roofs without a walkable pitch are harder to inspect thoroughly than flat roofs.

Some roofing materials, like asphalt shingles, are more susceptible to storm damage than others. Still, not all storm damage is easily noticeable to the untrained eye; durable roofing materials could sustain storm damage under the right conditions. As such, it's crucial to hire a professional roofing company with experience handling your type of roofing system and materials to conduct the post-storm inspection. 

Inspecting the Attic

Sometimes, storm damage to a roof presents warning signs inside a building. Standard roof inspections don't always include an assessment of the attic, but it's occasionally necessary.

Loose shingles and weakened flashing around vents, chimneys, and skylights could cause leaks indoors without presenting noticeable exterior damage. Your roofing contractors may need to access your home's upper floors or attic to determine the extent of the storm damage and create an action plan. 

Documenting the Damage

When your home in Nashville sustains roof damage from inclement weather, you will likely file a claim with their insurance company to pay for the roof repair or replacement. The homeowner's insurance claims process requires a lot of documentation to prove that the roof damage results from severe weather and not neglect or other causes.. 

Qualified roofing companies have experience with insurance claims. They will perform a detailed storm-related roof inspection and thoroughly document their findings for the insurance claim. 

Get Immediate Help for Your Nashville Roof After a Storm

How long does a roof inspection take? The answer depends on the size and condition of your roof and the skills of the roofing company you hire. When you choose Dragon Scale Roofing & Solar, you can be certain you're working with the most trusted roofers serving Nashville, Tennessee. 

These professionals complete thorough, efficient roof inspections and can also recommend the best type of roof for hurricanes and storms if you need a roof replacement. 

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