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How Many Solar Panels Can I Fit on My Roof in Nashville, TN?

Solar panel installations are on the rise. The number of homeowners investing in solar power for their homes is increasing every year, meaning Nashville’s solar roofing specialists are in high demand for residents looking to reap the benefits of solar energy.

However, there are many questions to consider before installing a solar roofing system, such as “How many solar panels can I fit on my roof?” Dragon Scale Roofing & Solar is here to answer that question for Nashville homeowners.

How Many Solar Panels Can You Add to Your Roof in Nashville? Factors to Consider

Figuring out the best solar panel system setup for your home means keeping some essential factors in mind. From total roof space and panel size to your location and overall budget, there’s plenty to ponder in the search to answer, “How many panels can I fit on my roof?”

Available Roof Space

Installing solar panels requires open space on your roof. The most precise way to determine this is by contacting your local solar panel contractor. Once they inspect, you’ll have an accurate idea of your effective roofing space.

Panel Size

After learning how much roof space you have to work with, you’ll want to consider the solar panel size. Solar panels are usually three feet by five feet, meaning 15 square feet per panel. If your home has 320 square feet of roofing space, you can install up to 21 solar panels.


Just because you have space on your rooftop doesn’t mean all of the solar panels will contribute to your home’s overall solar power production. Large trees surrounding your house that constantly shade parts of your home can block sunlight from hitting solar panels at or around those areas.

If you live in an area of Nashville with limited sunlight, there may be better ways to save money on energy usage than installing a solar panel system. Without adequate exposure to the sun, solar panels will produce limited results.


A comprehensive solar setup with several panels can quickly add up. Remember to be mindful of your budget when considering solar panel roofing; covering your entire roof in solar panels doesn’t necessarily mean more energy savings. Work with an experienced solar roofing company to strategically plan where to place solar panels on your roof.

Install Solar Panels on Nashville Your Roof With Dragon Scale Roofing & Solar Today

After you’ve answered, “How many solar panels can I fit on my roof?” contact your local professionals to install panels on your roof and add energy-efficient solar power to your home. Dragon Scale Roofing & Solar provides a wide variety of services to homeowners, including metal roofing, solar panel installations, and roof repairs.

Locally owned and committed to integrity, Dragon Scale Roofing & Solar is the top-rated contractor for roofing needs throughout Nashville, TN, thanks to prompt response times, superior product quality, and exceptional roofing and solar services. Contact Dragon Scale Roofing & Solar for your free estimate today!

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