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How To Check for Roof Damage After a Storm in Nashville

Your roof protects your home and family from severe weather and seasonal temperatures. However, Nashville’s hot, muggy summers and cold, wet winters bring inclement weather that could cause damage to your roof. Understanding how to check for roof damage after a storm can help you catch developing problems early and avoid more costly repairs.

If you do find yourself in need of storm damage roof repair in Nashville, TN, why not call a team like Dragon Scale Roofing & Solar, top-rated Nashville roofing professionals? Below, these experts cover six checklist items they cover after a storm so that they can resolve structural and aesthetic damage on the spot.

Six Items To Check Off The List When Assessing Storm Damage on Your Roof

#1: Inspect Your Roofing Material

High wind speeds and heavy rains negatively impact a roof. For example, after severe rainstorms in Tennessee, your roof shingles will provide the first clues about the extent of the damage. Start the storm damage check by looking for broken, cracked, missing, or visibly damaged shingles.

#2: Check the Gutters

Your gutter system protects your roofing material, walls, and foundations. Severe storms or physical damage could overwhelm and damage your gutters and downspouts. So, when the weather clears, check for clogging and any sign of damage, such as dislodged sections, denting, and rust.

#3: Examine Flashing

Roof flashing provides a waterproof barrier between the shingles and your internal roof structure. Check for leakage around vents, chimneys, skylights, and the edges of your roof. If you notice a problem, call Nashville roof repair professionals immediately before the leaks get out of hand.

#4: Look for Chimney Damages

As you inspect your roof’s exterior for damage, check your chimneys. As an integral part of the roofing and flashing, the chimney stack should not have cracking or chipping. Even these seemingly minor damages cause costly problems if ignored.

#5: Check Inside Your Property

Head inside. Are there gray or dark spots on your ceiling? These spots can indicate developing water damage. 

Also, check your attic for leaks and visible damages.

#6: Enlist a Professional Roof Inspection

Without knowing how to check for roof damage after a storm, Nashville property owners won't find much. Fortunately, roofing professionals perform these inspections daily with an eye for storm damage issues. Tennessee roofing professionals like Dragon Scale Roofing & Solar can assess disrepair quickly and fix it too.

Top-Rated Roof Inspections and Repairs From Dragon Scale Roofing & Solar in Nashville, Tennessee

When your roof is damaged by a storm, your home is vulnerable. Whether you need professionals to inspect your roof or issue quick repairs, Dragon Scale Roofing & Solar can help.

For tips on how to check for roof damage after a storm or a free estimate on roof repairs, call Dragon Scale Roofing & Solar.

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