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How to Get Insurance to Pay for Roof Replacement

Dealing with the aftermath of a major storm in Tennessee often includes getting roof repair or replacement. Homeowners insurance can cover the cost of a roof replacement under certain conditions, making it easier for property owners to get the financial help they need. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to get insurance to pay for roof replacements.

The professionals at Dragon Scale Roofing & Solar offer storm damage roof repair in Nashville, TN and are well-versed in filing insurance claims for roof replacement. Here, this reputable roof contractor explains how to file the claim and improve your chances of approval. 

Can You File an Insurance Claim for Any Roof Damage?

Unfortunately, you can't file an insurance claim for every problem your roofing system has. For instance, you wouldn't get approval if your metal roof needs to be vented or your asphalt shingle roof has natural wear and tear. 

Instead, you should prepare to contact your homeowner's insurance company if any part of your roof develops severe damage due to extreme weather. The weather damage could stem from the following:

  • Thunderstorms and torrential rainfall
  • Intense winds
  • Hail damage
  • Snow and ice storms
  • Tornados and hurricanes
  • Fallen trees on roofs due to inclement weather

Though your roof can sustain damage for multiple non-storm-related reasons, homeowner's insurance will usually only cover roof replacement costs for damage that doesn't involve homeowner negligence or poor installation. 

Essential Steps to Take When Filing a Claim for Roof Damage

Knowing how to get insurance to pay for roof replacements starts with understanding the claims filing process. Though the steps below seem straightforward, filing a claim to replace a roof with storm damage can take lots of time and effort. Consider the following steps to start your claim on the right foot.

Know Your Policy

Homeowner's insurance policies may be similar, yet they're seldom identical. Insurance companies may provide coverage for specific types of storm damage, or they may not cover roof repairs and replacements at all.

Before calling your insurance agent, carefully review your policy to check if it covers roof repairs and replacements and, if so, to what extent. For instance, your policy may only cover some of the costs, leaving you to pay the remaining fees. In most cases, getting an insurance company to pay for 100% of a roof replacement means the roof has severe storm damage, making it unsuitable for repair. 

Document the Roof Damage

Insurance agencies will send an insurance adjuster to verify the cause and extent of a policyholder's roof damage before approving their claim for roof replacement. Unfortunately, insurance companies act within their own interests and may deny claims due to the adjuster's findings so it's important to thoroughly document roof damage as soon as possible. 

Documentation should include a series of photographs of the storm damage to the roof and secondary damage to your home's interior. Get pictures of the damage from multiple angles and include the date and time on all photos. Be ready to provide information about the storm, such as newspaper articles, to assure the insurance company that you're not trying to get a free roof replacement without a reason. 

Schedule a Roof Inspection

A roof inspection from an experienced roofing contractor should also be part of your documentation to your homeowner's insurance company. The contractor should have ample roofing expertise and know how to inspect all aspects of the roofing system thoroughly. They can provide those details to the insurance company during the claims process. 

Work with a Reputable Roof Contractor

Aside from a roof inspection, you'll also need several estimates from local roofing companies for the roof replacement. The estimates should be for the roof replacement and include options for repairs and different materials. 

Sometimes, insurance agencies will deny storm damage claims due to the inexperience or poor quality of a roofing contractor who provides estimates. It's always best to work with an experienced, highly-rated company to improve your chances of getting a claims approval.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

Once you realize your home has substantial roof damage, you need to call your insurance agent. The agent will guide you through the entire claims process and tell you everything the company will need to approve your claim. 

Key Factors to Remember Before a Roof Damage Insurance Claim

It's often surprising to learn how much work goes into filing an insurance claim to repair or replace a roof due to storm damage. If you're new to this process, keep the following facts in mind. 

Insurance Claims Processes Can Take a Long Time

If you're waiting for a claims approval, you may not have a fully functional roof for longer than you think. The insurance agency may take a long time to review your documentation, send out an adjuster, review their findings, and submit their verdict. The roofing company won't complete the project until they get payment from the insurance company.

You also need time to assess your roof, document the damage, schedule an inspection, and collect estimates from various roofing companies. Everything takes time, so don't expect your roof replacement to occur within days of the damage. 

Scammers May Try to Take Advantage of You

Unfortunately, storm chasers often survey neighborhoods following a bad storm in an attempt to scam unknowing property owners. These people usually work for far away companies and undercut local, respected roofing companies to take people's money. Since they're money-hungry, they may ignore local building codes, use subpar materials, or improperly install a new roof. 

Contact Dragon Scale Roofing & Solar Today for More Guidance

If your roof in Nashville, Tennessee has storm damage, you need a reputable roofing company that knows how to get insurance to pay for roof replacement on your side. Dragon Scale Roofing & Solar is a five-star residential roofing contractor offering same-day emergency roofing services as well as standard roof repair and replacement. 

As a locally owned roofing specialist and an Owens Corning preferred contractor, Dragon Scale Roofing & Solar's professionals know how to deliver outstanding services with exceptional customer support. Contact them today for your free estimate.

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