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What To Do About Missing Shingles on the Roof of Your Nashville Home

Have you noticed missing shingles on your roof? As professional roofers and experts in storm damage repairs in Nashville, Dragon Scale Roofing & Solar can help.

Keep reading to discover everything you should know about missing shingles, including potential problems, causes, how to help avoid roof damage, and how to best repair the issue.

The Problem With Missing Shingles in Nashville

If you know you're missing shingles, your immediate concern is whether your roof will leak. The good news is that a missing shingle doesn't automatically cause a leaking roof, but it still puts your home at risk. 

The most important consideration is the location of the missing shingle. In particular, it matters whether the shingle was covering a seam between two other shingles.

Because roofers install shingles in a staggered pattern, exposed seams make your home vulnerable to water leaks. You'll also have a problem if you lose shingles on the valleys, points, or joints. 

While you might not notice the damage right away, or the problem may seem minor, if left alone, it can cause massive damage to your property and even start affecting your health.

Missing shingles also hurt the curb appeal of your home, so if you're planning on selling soon, replace the shingles before starting the process.

Common Causes of Missing Shingles

What are the most common causes of missing shingles on your roof? Most of the causes are beyond your control, but knowing what can damage your roof helps you understand when you should check for missing shingles.

Wind Damage

Extreme weather is the primary cause of missing shingles, and wind plays a large part. While shingles can stand up to a lot of problems, once winds reach about 60 miles per hour, they can rip off even new shingles. Older shingles can start ripping off at lower speeds because the adhesive and fasteners weaken.

Water Damage

Shingles can stand up to a lot of water because that's the intent behind their design. However, over time, especially with just a small leak, water can slowly rot your windows, rotting the adhesive that makes them stick to the roof and eventually forcing them to fall off. If water gets under your shingles and freezes, the expansion can rip shingles off your roof.

Impact Damage

Impact damage is another major source of missing shingles, especially as a result of severe storms. Hail and ice are a leading cause of damage to your shingles. While one or two storms shouldn't cause too much damage, if your roof frequently experiences severe weather, you'll likely start losing some shingles.

Impact damage can also come from overhanging tree branches if wind, storm, rot, or an animal causes sticks, branches, and nuts to fall on your shingles. The roof should resist most of these impacts, but if it's weakened from other issues, even a small branch could rip off several shingles.

Old Age

With proper maintenance and care, your asphalt shingles should last between 15 and 30 years. Over time, both from natural degradation and exposure to the elements, the fasteners loosen, the adhesive weakens, and the coating on the shingles thins. If your shingles are at least 15 years old, you should plan on replacing them soon.

Preventing Missing Shingles

While you can't control severe weather, several practices can help preserve your shingles as long as possible:

  • Trim trees that overhang your roof, including leaves that could clog your gutters and cause water damage. This prevents them from falling on your roof and causing impact damage.
  • Quickly clean off snow. Not only can the snow cause damage when it melts or works its way under your shingles and rips them off, but with too much snow on your roof can cave it in.
  • If you notice moss growing on your roof, clean it off immediately. The moss retains moisture and can also rot your shingles.
  • Fix broken shingles immediately. This ensures they stay durable and that they don't allow damage to spread to the rest of your shingles.
  • Regularly clean your gutters and downspouts. Water has to go somewhere, and if it can't adequately drain from your roof, it will leak inside your home.
  • Confirm you have proper insulation, especially in your attic. Intense heat and sunlight can erode your shingles faster, but having proper insulation can help keep them cool underneath.
  • Schedule an annual inspection to catch and fix any damage early. After a severe storm, inspect the roof yourself for any visible damage, but avoid walking on the roof as much as possible.

Fixing Missing Shingles in Nashville

How should you go about fixing missing shingles? First, reach out to your roofing company. If you have a lifetime warranty on the shingles, you'll likely get them replaced for very little expense.

If severe weather caused the damage, you should file a report with your insurance company. You'll likely have to undergo an inspection by an insurance adjuster to confirm your policy covers the damage you need fixed.

Does the insurance company say they'll only pay to fix the small area where you're missing shingles? Thanks to Tennessee's Matching Law, if the replacement shingles don't match in quality, size, or color with the rest of the roof, the insurance company must replace the roof in a way that makes it reasonably uniform in appearance and quality.

Under this law, you could turn a few missing shingles into a complete roof replacement, provided you're not at fault for the damage to the roof. However, depending on your policy, the insurance company might exclude you from this law, so always read over the details before reaching out to your insurance provider.

Contact DragonScale Roofing & Solar To Replace Your Missing Nashville Shingles

When you have missing shingles on your roof, don't delay fixing the problem. As Nashville's trusted roofing company, DragonScale Roofing & Solar provides quality repairs for a competitive price.

Whether you need them to check for roof damage or provide a complete replacement, they're standing by to help. Contact them today to schedule an appointment.

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