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What Type of Roof Is Best for Hurricanes and Storms in Nashville, TN?

Hurricanes and storms are no joke in Nashville, TN. The high winds and debris from big storms can sometimes damage asphalt shingles roofs and tear roofs down. As such, homeowners have a vested interest in choosing a roof type that can handle the elements. 

With that in mind, the team at Dragon Scale Roofing & Solar has put together this guide to answer the question: What type of roof is best for hurricanes?” Contact the Dragon Scale team today for storm damage roof repair in Nashville, TN!


Metal remains a popular choice with homeowners thanks to its incredible flexibility, durability, and longevity. Metal has high resistance to the elements, including heavy winds and rainfall that occur during storms and hurricanes. Metal is also relatively cheap compared to some other high-durability roofing material options. The main drawback of metal roofing is that some will find the appearance of metal too industrial and not “residential” enough for their tastes. 


Clay and concrete tiles make an excellent choice for a hurricane-proof roof because of their toughness and water and wind resistance. Clay and concrete tiles also come in several decorative shapes and styles, so you can easily find a style that matches the look of the house.

The main downside of clay and concrete tiles stems from their weight: Roofers may have to install additional structures to support the high weight. Clay and concrete tiles can also be expensive. 


Like clay and concrete, slate tiles are tough and highly resistant to water. Slate also makes an eco-friendly option as you can recycle slate roofing tiles when they get old. A good slate roof can easily last over 50 years and, in some cases, up to 100 years. 

Other Roofing Considerations for Hurricanes

These other roof features affect how Nashville roofs handle hurricanes and storms. 

Roof Shape/Pitch

Generally, roofs with multiple panels tend to distribute wind better, so they tend to sustain less damage. The ideal roof pitch to prevent roof damage from storms measures about 30 degrees. 

Types of Fasteners

Homes in storm and hurricane-prone areas often have hurricane ties that loop around the wall and roof truss. The ties keep the roof from separating from the home if winds catch the underside and create an updraft. 

Roof Overhangs

The longer a roof’s overhang, the easier it is for wind to damage it. Long overhangs allow hurricane and storm winds to generate more lift, which increases the chances of roof damage. 

No. 1 Storm Repair in Nashville, TN

Now that you know the answer to: “What type of roof is best for hurricanes?” Read this blog post to learn how to check for roof damage on your Nashville home.

A damaged roof can become more than just an annoyance—consider it a ticking time bomb. So don’t hesitate when you have storm damage. The experts at Dragon Scale Roofing & Solar can provide the fast and reliable services Nashville homeowners need during roof emergencies. 

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